Since we're an independent agency we can shop your car insurance coverage across our wide range of companies and help you save. Whether you have a car, truck, van, SUV, or something else, we'll find the right coverage for you. Below are some of the key coverages available:

  • Liability Coverage: Normally required to operate a vehicle on public roads, this covers bodily injury and property damage to others you're liable for.

  • Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist: This coverage can cover bodily injury and property damage to you or your vehicle in the event an at-fault driver has no insurance, not enough insurance, or if you're a victim of a hit-and-run.

  • Medical Payments: This coverage can pay for medical services due to bodily injury as a result of an accident.

  • Collision: This can cover damage to your vehicle in the event of impact with another vehicle or object.

  • Comprehensive: This can cover loss to your vehicle for non-collision causes. As such it is often referred to as "Other than Collision". Examples include: falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, contact with an animal, wind, hail, water or flood.

Some popular endorsements include:

  • Towing & Roadside Assistance: This coverage can cover expenses for towing a disabled vehicle to the shop. It may also cover expenses relating to lock-outs, jump-starts, etc.

  • Rental Reimbursement: Used to  help cover the costs of a rental car when your is disabled after a collision or comprehensive loss. 

  • Ride-Sharing: This endorsement can help cover gaps that exist in coverage when driving for a transportation network company, e.g. Uber or Lyft

  • Gap Insurance: If you own more on the loan (or lease) than the car is worth at the time of the accident, this can help bridge the gap in value, usually up to a certain amount.

Our agency was founded by a family with ​multiple generations of gear heads. So we understand the significance of your treasured ride. That's why we work with multiple industry leading classic and collector car insurance companies.


While the basic coverage options work a lot like your run of the mill car insurance, our carriers understand the unique touch needed when dealing with classics. Claims service is top-notch,  the policy options are designed with the needs of the collector in mind, and since they know collectors baby their cars you can save big on premiums compared to regular auto insurance.


Whatever you drive, we can help find the policy that best fits your style.  Whether it's flexible mileage options so you can get out and enjoy your car, coverage for automobilia, spare parts, parades and shows, or for a car under restoration. Most importantly, in the event your car is a total loss, you'll get the agreed value of the car. No depreciation and no hassle.

And the best part? Your car doesn't always have to be a "classic". Newer collectible cars can also quality if they're limited/special editions or exotic/super cars.  We can also help with antique tractors, retired commercial vehicles, classic military vehicles, replicas, kit cars, and modified/custom cars. We can even do race cars and motor-sports insurance for coverage on and off the track.

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Note that all coverage summaries are generic, based on general industry standards, and informational only. They in no way create, extend, reduce, or otherwise modify coverage provided by any insurance policy. Please refer to your policy documents and any endorsements to determine coverage limits, conditions, exclusions and any other applicable provisions.

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