Surety Bonds

Just like your insurance policy, we shop with multiple surety bond carriers to find the bond you need at the most competitive pricing.  Surety is a lot like insurance, but there are a few key differences. Learn more below:


A surety bond has three parties: the principal (you, the bond holder), the surety (the underwriting company), and the obligee (whomever requires the bond). A surety bond helps guarantee the principal will fulfill a given obligation. If the principal fails, then the obligee can make a claim to cover their losses, which will be payed by the surety up to the bond amount.

Unlike insurance, surety does not expect claims. The principal must indemnify the surety company. This means that if the principal fails in their obligation and the surety bond pays out, the underwriting company will expect reimbursement; whereas an insurance policy assumes losses are, eventually, inevitable and factors the cost into premiums.

Surety bonds are not designed to protect the principal. Their purpose is to protect the obligee from risk, which is why they're often required as a part of an agreement. Surety bonds can be though of like a form of credit. With the backing of the surety company, the obligee is more  willing to assume the principal will fulfill their obligations and will take on the risk(s).

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We can help with a wide variety of surety bond types. Check out some of the most common types below:

License & Permit Bonds

  • Auto Dealer

  • Contractor

  • Mortgage Broker

  • Alcohol

Utility Service Bonds

Public Official Bonds

Court Bonds

Lease Bonds

Self Insurance Bonds

Fidelity Bonds

  • Business Service 

  • Employee Dishonesty/Theft 

  • Pension Trust/ERISA 

Errors & Omissions Bonds

  • Notary Public 

  • Tax Preparer 

  • Signing Agent 

Construction/Contract Bonds

  • Bids

  • Performance 

  • Payment

  • Maintenance

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Note that all coverage summaries are generic, based on general industry standards, and informational only. They in no way create, extend, reduce, or otherwise modify coverage provided by any insurance policy. Please refer to your policy documents and any endorsements to determine coverage limits, conditions, exclusions and any other applicable provisions.

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